3 Mile Swim

(actual distance approximately 2.7 miles)

The 3 mile race course is an approximate distance. The only markings for the course are the geography of Naples Island itself. It is not necessary to hug the island or the docks except on the north side of the island to avoid boat traffic and swim a more efficient course. The race begins at the northwest side of the US Sailing Center between the pier and the small swim area and finishes on the opposite/west side of the small swim area. Two buoys will be set immediately in front of the finish area to facilitate sighting on the final leg.

It is advised that competitors become familiar with the course map, which will also be posted at registration.

Age Groups

  • Awards for top 3 finishers in each age group by gender.

  • Wetsuits are allowed, but not award eligible.

  • Swimmers are welcome to bring along experienced paddlers and/or kayakers for company, but they must provide their own craft.